Nowadays, many people suffer from muscle and joint pain. The simple reason: obesity and lack of exercise. The joints are under enormous strain. Of course, this can also happen to people who do a lot of sport and thereby overload their joints. Due to all these facts, it is important to start with the necessary prevention at a young age in order to postpone the aging of the skeleton as long as possible. Swiss herbal balms contain the most important basic substances and effective herbal extracts with which existing diseases can be optimally treated.

TOP1PLUS heat balm has a long-lasting and mild warming effect. It helps reduce back, joint, bone and muscle pain. It improves blood circulation and has anti-inflammatory effects. The heat balm can be used for strains, sprains, bruises and sports injuries. It can relieve rheumatic pain. TOP1PLUS heat balm is helpful for people who play sports to relax over-exerted muscles. This balm is quickly absorbed into the skin due to its liquid formula. Vitamins A and E protect the skin. 

  • To promote blood circulation in the skin
  • Back pain
  • muscle pain
  • Joint pain